Nash is very experienced with pre and post-surgical rehabilitation, working in hospital and private practice settings.

Pre-surgical rehab (Prehab) is important in getting your muscles and joints ready for surgery so that you will recover quicker post-op. It is also beneficial to be educated on what to expect post-operatively and learning the exercises you will be doing after your surgery.

After your surgery your surgeon will have specific protocols to follow. Nash has built up a great rapport working with local and city based orthopaedic surgeons and is up to date with current post-operative protocols. He will assist you to make your post-op recovery as smooth as possible.

Common surgeries we will treat include:-

  • Joint replacement i.e. total knee, total hip, total shoulder
  • Knee i.e. ACL reconstruction, meniscus repair, meniscectomy, lateral release
  • Shoulder – rotator cuff repair, acromioplasty, stabilisation, arthroscopic release, biceps tenodesis
  • Arthroscopies i.e. hip, knee, ankle, shoulder
  • Spinal surgery i.e. laminectomy, disc replacement, spinal fusion, foraminotomy, discectomy
  • Fractures