Injuries at work are very common. They are often caused by accidents in the workplace but can also be the result of repetitive use or poor technique.

Nash is approved by WorkCover to assess and treat these injuries. Your capacity to work will be assessed in the clinic and reported to your Doctor so that appropriate light duties can be performed when you are ready to do so and gradually increased to eventually get you back to pre-injury duties. Nash is very experienced in liaising with local GPs, insurance companies, rehab providers and specialists so that everyone involved in your rehab is up to date with your progress. The focus is on getting you better, back to work as soon as it is safe to do so and ensuring it is an endurable return to work.

Workplace screening / Injury Prevention 

Workplace screening can be done for employers to assess potential employees risk of injury. Different factors are assessed including flexibility, injury history, strength, muscle imbalances, biomechanics and lifting/manual handling techniques. The screening is specifically designed to assess the potential employees risk of injury depending on the physical demands of the job. The employer will then be given a detailed report of the screening assessment. This can help flag any potential problems and also give the employee education for them to prevent injury and areas they need to work on.

Nash is also available to visit your workplace to assess for potential risks/hazards, assess staff whilst they are working and provide in-services to improve your staffs education on workplace injuries. These services will help decrease the chances of potential workplace injuries. Work place injuries are terrible for both the injured worker and the employer. If you are an employer or employee and would like to discuss workplace screening or injury prevention in-services, please call 4339 1243 for further information.